Notice is hereby given that Ashley Valley Water and Sewer Improvement District has a vacancy on The Board of Trustees. The vacating seat is currently held by Jay Haslem from the Ashley area. The candidate’s qualifications at the time of applying; are to be a U.S. Citizen; be a registered voter and be a resident of the Special District. The District also requires that only two (2) Trustees from one (1) voting district be allowed to serve on the board during the same time period. The vacant seat must be from the Ashley Area. The remaining Board seats are currently held by, Norman Haslem from the Naples area, Darrell Lance from the Davis area, Brownie Tomlinson from the Davis area, and Boyd Workman from the Ashley Area. If interested in being considered for this vacancy please submit a letter of consideration to the Ashley Valley Water and Sewer Improvement Board of Trustees before 12:00 p.m. on May, 17th, 2011. The District Office is located at 1344 West Highway 40, Vernal Utah, or mail to PO Box 967, Vernal Utah 84078.
District Clerk
Nora Garcia
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