Ashley Valley Impact Fee Facilities Plan - Summary Under Utah’s Impact Fees Act, Title 11, Chapter 36A, Utah Code Annotated, the Ashley Valley Water and Sewer Improvement District (the “District”) is authorized to establish and impose impact fees for its public facilities in order to mitigate the impact of new development on public infrastructure. “Public facilities” include such things as water rights and water supply, treatment, storage, and distribution facilities, and wastewater collection and treatment facilities. Utah law requires that prior to imposing an impact fee the District must prepare an impact fee facilities plan to determine what public facilities are required to serve development. The District has prepared an impact fee facilities plan, attached hereto, that meets the requirements of Utah law. The impact fee facilities plan provides information about system capacities, use and projected growth based on historical growth patterns. Technical information about the District’s water and sewer systems and future needs was provided by the District and engineers from Caldwell Richards Sorensen. The impact fee facilities plan attached hereto explains that because of anticipated new development the District will not be able to maintain its current level of service for water and sewer over the next 5 years without acquiring new public facilities, specifically, a new water treatment plant, additional water rights, and improved sewer mains, through the imposition of water and sewer impact fees. The impact fee facilities plan does not provide actual impact fee dollar amounts for water and sewer. Those dollar amounts are calculated and set forth in two separate documents, a water impact fee analysis and a sewer impact fee analysis, which are also available for review.
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