Billing and Collection Policy

A full copy of the billing and collection policy can be obtained at the District Office at 609 West Main, Vernal Utah. You can also contact the office at 435-789-9400 with any questions on the policy.

While the full policy goes into greater detail, the information below is intended to give an overview of the policy and how it may affect you.

Listed below are some of the policy highlights of which to be aware.

  •  Water and sewer bills will be generated on approximate (30) day increments, and the billing date is determined by address location within the district.

  •  Due date of the bill will be thirty (30) days from bill generation.

  • All accounts having a balance remaining after the due date will be assessed a late fee.

  • Accounts having a balance remaining after the due date will be sent a delinquent/disconnection notice. This notice will include details on when the balance must be paid, and when shut-off will occur if full payment is not received. 

  • In the event that service is disconnected, there will be a reconnection fee assessed which must be paid prior to services being reinstated. If services are reinstated after office hours, the fee is increased. 

Over the course of the years, the District has seen an increase in the number of accounts that have a past due balance, as well those balances climbing higher. The intent of this policy is to not only protect the District, but to help customers stay current on their bills. It is much easier to pay a bill that is one billing past due versus a bill that is several months past due.

Once again, this is not the full policy, but the above items are some of the highlights from our policy. Feel free to contact the District Office at 435-789-9400 if you have any questions or concerns.

- Ashley Valley Water and Sewer Improvement District