Do you have a leak?

Things to look for:

1.) Check in your crawl space/ basement or wherever your plumbing runs into your home and make sure there is no water leaking from your plumbing or plumbing fixtures. Also check to make sure all the toilets in your home are not leaking, sometimes the flap in the back of the toilet does not seal properly and allows a constant flow of water. Did you know that one leaky toilet can waste up to 2,000 gallons per day?

2.) Walk around your yard everywhere in between your water meter and your residence to check for any kind of moisture or water puddling, also check for any depressions in the ground that may also indicate a leak. Yard hydrants are a common area for leaks as well, usually you can feel the water running when you put your hand on them or hear it when you place your ear on it.

3.) Before you open the lid to your meter first make sure you have no water running within the home( dishwasher, washing machine, faucets, etc.)Open the lid to your water meter. Somewhere around the center of the meter is a red sprocket looking dial (this is called the leak indicator). Check to see if the leak indicator is moving. If leak indicator is moving shut off your main service line valve( usually located where your service line comes into your house) and if the leak indicator is still spinning this tells you it is not a toilet and the leak is somewhere between the house and the meter.

4.) If after the first 3 steps you still have not found anything that would indicate a leak, but still believe there is a problem then call our office and we would be happy to help you resolve that issue.

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